Clear all obstacles to rolling out a marketing automation solution

Successful marketing automation doesn’t depend solely on the quality of the platform. You also need good support while you roll out the solution so you can make the most of its features.
Since we started, our goal has been to scale up the rollout of marketing automation, a process which is often burdensome, challenging and costly.

No specific development

The platform is rolled out via plug-in configuration and installation. Handover is easy and fast.

External automation staffing

If you don’t have the necessary in-house capabilities, Probance can provide staffing for your digital marketing and data needs and implement the solution that fits your business.

Training & skills transfer

If your teams are autonomous, we can advise, train, and provide skills transfer for optimal use.



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Bring your Probance One environment to life

When rolling out the Probance One software configured with the modules you need, the Probance operational team proceeds by structured phases:

Accompagnement Marketing Automation_1

Analysis of your needs, expectations and schedule (trial period or not).

Accompagnement Marketing Automation_2

Your data is your business’ most precious asset – we protect its integrity. For each client, Probance puts into place a dedicated and secure (VPN) environment that is backed up and replicated (at two remote sites) to ensure confidentiality and longevity of your data.

Accompagnement Marketing Automation_3

Flow configuration, indicators and export channels are established: functions are reusable, business scenario categories are set up and access conditions are provided.

Accompagnement Marketing Automation_4

Rollout of the solution can now begin. Data import and traceability plug-in installation are completed.

Accompagnement Marketing Automation_5

Now, it’s time to start using the solution. We can advise you on analyses and scenarios, do these operations for you, and train you on how to use the solution.

Advice & Expertise

To make the most of your solution, we can advise you at the start of the project or throughout its lifetime. The Probance teams are data scientists – aka, data experts – and have considerable experience under their belts. They can also help you reorganize your data (data manager), its architecture, and its value so you can get the most from it. They can also advise you on issues related to ramping up based on the volume of data you’ll be handling.

Probance is a certified training organization.

Probance: The community where our support (almost) never sleeps

Support availability
With locations in Europe and Asia, Probance offers tech support by email between midnight and 6pm (GMT) through a centralized and shared online support platform.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
A FAQ page and dedicated extranet provide access to all documentation, online assistance, and training materials in French and English. Your tickets and inquiries are handled through the extranet.
Monitoring tools
Probance One includes integrated preventive features so you can be proactive with regards to possible incidents (e.g., volume-related), as well as production monitoring tools (traceability and monitoring of emails to customers).