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Probance One drives the entire marketing automation cycle
Marketing Automation Platform Probance


Catch all behaviors of your contacts.


Consolidate your databases and exploit the data automatically.


Extend the customer experience through multichannel synergies.


Be received Loud and Clear.


Predictive analysis at the core of your business performance.

Develop Business with the Probance One platform

Marketing Automation

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With Probance One, feel the difference immediately

More intuitive: A product designed with marketing users in mind

Probance One features an extremely intuitive and operational web interface so that marketing users always have the tools they need at hand to manage and improve their campaigns.

Smarter: Finely tuned, ultra-configurable analytics

From top interests to ABCD testing and predictive recommendations, discover new, better-than-ever triggers and integrated interactions that will improve marketing automation performance.

Faster deployment

From e-commerce to media and brand development, ready-to-use business scenarios are available to make sure you’re up and running in under four weeks.

Proven performance

Performance of behavior reminders
Of your campaigns launch on time
Email addresses hosted

They chose Probance

Get ahead of the pack with the Probance One features

A hyper-intuitive interface designed for marketing users
Three solutions for three different needs
Three solutions for three different needs
Private cloud or Probance cloud
Ready-to-use scenarios for e-commerce, retail, media and brands
Tech support available from midnight to 6pm

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