What Makes
Probance Different?

How are we able to offer the same personalized, hands-off marketing used by major brands, for a fraction of the price, and in a fraction of the time?

With the power of AI and modeling, we’ve automated the set-up, customization and the optimization process too. So, how do you benefit?

True Customization

All your data, from all sources, is connected up into a powerful customized platform, tailored to your business, in days, not months.

Affordable Excellence

Automation has reduced the months of work that other quality solutions need to implement, customize and optimize.

Do More with Less

You get more personalized, targeted marketing, and a higher ROI, with the teams you already have.

How the Probance AI and Modeling Methods Make the Difference

Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3


We meet to understand your unique business and goals.

We capture all your customer and product data, and create a comprehensive data library.

Other vendors don’t include all your data. Early on, we realized that rich data was the foundation of true personalization.

So we gather data from just about everywhere. Your ecommerce site, your product catalog, your stock levels, loyalty programs, in-store data and customer purchases, behaviours and preferences.

And because we use AI to help our Customer Success managers to translate your data and requirements into a fully-customized marketing platform, you get a database with all your customer, campaign and product info that’s ready to go. In record time.

Our AI analyzes all that data in just 36 hours. That’s the start of the personalization process.

You don’t have to do any integration or data preparation. Yet you benefit from a fully-customized and connected data library.

We configure your marketing scenarios or customer journeys, based on the results of our analysis.

Over 12 years’ experience has gone into creating templated marketing scenarios, optimized for use in 5 different industry verticals. These templates are then customized to your business.

Unlike other vendors, this means we’re able to deploy scenarios, activate additional scenarios as needed, or design brand-new scenarios, in a matter of hours and days, not weeks and months.

Again, this is the power of data modeling and AI. Our AI automatically configures everything so you never have to go back to phase 1.

We also customize your interface to make it easy to read, and show you how it works.

Your marketing solution is fully customized and delivering results in days, not months.

At this stage, you have a choice. Either you can take care of optimizing your platform, or let us do it for you.

You can take full manual control, and carry out your own A/B testing, trying out different channel mixes, times of day for your messaging, etc.

Or we take control for you. We use the AI to test and learn, and fine-tune your solution for optimal results. We can even provide content and creative for your newsletters, or you can keep control of these.

Because we’re so sure of our AI’s ability to find the best timings, routes and content to boost your business, we guarantee performance in writing.

You reap ROI, faster.

We take care of everything, saving you time as well as money.

Automation Options

The Probance marketing solution is designed to be productive, whichever option you choose.

We Run It

If you let us handle your platform, we can guarantee a certain level of performance. Plus you free up your valuable time.

You Run It

If you run it, you’ll find it easy to manage, with analytics such as scoring, KPIs, dashboards and reports.

What to Expect from Us

Transparent Results

You get measurable improvement on your bottom line, or we give you your money back.

We are fully transparent on deliverability or marketing attribution.

Our measurements are based on 7 days post-open. Our competition’s are often based on 30-days post open. That’s no competition at all.

Track Record

We’re data science and marketing experts with 12 years of cross-channel marketing under our belts.

Experience shows us that our customers benefit from an average 17% revenue lift. And we’ll tell you straight what is/isn’t realistic.


We know what works. We believe 100% in the ability of our customer marketing solution to deliver results for your business.

That’s why we guarantee performance on our automated marketing. We are the only vendor to put our guarantee in writing.

We Take Good Care of You

Just because Probance provides hands-off marketing, doesn’t mean we’re hands-off with you.

Rapid technical support in your language is just the start. We’re here to help with best practices to get you where you want to go.

We also ensure that your marketing solution is fully tailored to your needs. And delivers the results you expect.

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