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30 days. No commitment. €490.

Try the Probance One “Start Edition” for €490.


To discover marketing automation

If you’ve never tried marketing automation and wonder what it can do for you, you can try out a professional solution that just might convince you how great an integrated platform can be.


To compare against your existing tool

Not sure how you feel about the performance of your marketing automation tool, or want to go beyond your existing routing solution or cart abandonment emails? Sounds like you’re ready to try the Probance One Start Edition for 30 days with no commitment.


€490 isn’t much for this kind of solution. Why isn’t it just completely free?

Implementing the Probance One Start Edition requires a certain amount of installation on our servers, which isn’t totally free. But because we’ve optimized the processes and standardized our new platform, trying Probance One Start Edition is very affordable at just €490.

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What you get with a 30-day trial:

  • Genuine integration of your data
  • True benchmarking against your current tools
  • The option to upgrade to the full version after 30 days (the price will be discounted to reflect the €490 trial fee)
  • The option to not go any further

Questions? Contact us: +33 (0)1 55 57 12 50

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