« Prediction is difficult, especially when it’s about the future. »

– Cedric Villani, French mathematician and researcher, Fields Medal 2010, based on original quote by Pierre Dac.

Putting the creativity of mathematics to work for marketing

The history of Probance, founded in 2007 by Emmanuel Duhesme, PhD in Mathematics from the Université Paris IX – Dauphine, is steeped in mathematical creativity and statistics.

For eight years, Probance has continually evolved its organizational structure, expanded its range of software solutions, and grown the size of its client portfolio, while always putting mathematical expertise to work for a field that is as predictable as marketing.

Marketing automation and Probance go way back…


Michael Aldrich invents the first online transaction processes


Phil Brandenberger makes the very first online shopping purchase for $12.48


Amazon is created: Monthly transaction totals at startup: $20,000


Emmanuel, Probance founder, receives his PhD from the Université Paris IX-Dauphine


1 SMS = 1 Coca-Cola: Nokia invents mobile payments


Probance SAS is founded August 27, 2004


Client signings: Probance lands its first big accounts!


Probance becomes a software house and launches the Probance Hyper Marketing line


Signing of Renault, Cellfish, Companéo, Avanquest Software


Probance releases its solution as SaaS with the Datamart generator


Probance launches its routing offer


First clients signed in Japan


The e-commerce industry in France employs 112,000 people

September 2015

Opening of the Probance Data Center in Japan

December 2015

December 2015: Opening of the Probance Japan subsidiary

January 2016

Functional and ergonomic fusion between Probance One and its three editions: Probance One Start – Probance One Flex – Probance One Infinite

Probance seeks out diverse clients

Whether by type…

Marketing Automation Probance client's industrie

…or by location

Probance Clients' Locations

The people behind Probance



CEO & Founder

Pro – Proba – Probity – Proven – Probance

Since its creation, Probance has been driven by four core values:


  • Professional solutions and services, no matter how big or small your business is. From small e-commerce businesses to the Galeries Lafayette Group, the quality of our offer is the same.
  • Proba, like the probabilities, theory, and mathematical science that underpin Probance’s expertise.
  • Probity, like the quality demanded at Probance to respect our commitments to our clients in terms of software, service, and support quality.
  • and Proven, a platform that gives our clients concrete results every day so you can measure your ROI.