The Predictive Marketing Cloud:
Customer Knowledge (CK) at the core of marketing performance

Gaining a better understanding of their customer base, consolidating their databases, driving their product catalogue, and launching multichannel campaigns are the four most frequent motivations that lead e-commerce businesses, media, retailers, and charity organizations to acquire a marketing automation tool (or cloud marketing automation) like Probance.

Behind their use of this tool, all businesses aspire to the same goal:

Boosting their sales!

Marketing Automation

Predictive Marketing

Customer Engagement


Marketing automation to grow your sales

Marketing automation meets the the need to automate marketing tasks that aim to boost customer purchases by developing scenarios for capture, reminders or lead generation and nurturing. Marketing automation has one single goal: processing hundreds and thousands of contacts and growing sales through campaigns.

The major functions of marketing automation

  • Automate campaign creation, execution, and management
  • Campaign planning, monitoring, and reporting
  • Behavior triggers
  • Scoring
  • Web tracking
  • Detailed campaign reporting

The extra features you get with Probance

  • Ultra-precise control and management of marketing pressure on customers
  • A user-friendly solution for shorter project times
  • Integration with other tools (CRM, E-commerce CMS)
  • Gradual integration of client needs based on the solution and volumes handled
  • Cloud ownership: whatever suits you best
  • Tailored content

Predictive Marketing: An inexhaustible source of opportunities

By analyzing large amounts of statistical and behavioral data, you can build an unlimited number of models, anticipate your customers’ actions to offer them highly personalized offers and increase your chances of making a sale. From purchase history to time spent on a product page and cross-selling journeys, keep an eye on what customers want and trigger purchases.

The major functions of predictive marketing

  • Customer behavior analysis to create forecasts for sales, interest, wants
  • Real-time intelligence
  • Multidimensional segmentation by buyer, product, lifecycle, etc.
  • Event trigger: detection and execution
  • Recommendation engine
  • Preferred channel

The extra features you get with Probance

  • Top interests: Now, link behavior to commitment over time for a product or brand
  • Detect products for which view rates and sales have increased most
  • Build your scenarios out of a highly methodical approach

Customer Engagement: Customer journeys lead loyalty campaigns

How can you make your marketing messages stand out among the crowd of campaigns your customers receive? That’s what customer engagement is all about today. Using automated campaigns, you can reuse customer engagement functions for your brand or product to (re)establish a personal relationship with your customers through various channels. Even if your database has thousands of contacts, you can monitor their individual behaviors using Probance One.

The major functions of customer engagement

  • Multichannel: SMS, email, etc.
  • Complete customer lifecycle management
  • A/B email testing: panel
  • Smart database
  • Individual behavior tracking
  • Real-time tracking and reminders
  • Content, click and image trackers

The extra features you get with Probance

  • Probance One also manages the lifecycle of your brand and product catalogue
  • Ultra-precise control and management of marketing pressure on customers
  • ABCD testing

Digital Marketing: Extend the customer experience

Offer and brand digitalization and multiple communication and action channels lead to new buying behaviors for your customers. Digital marketing takes your marketing processes across all channels and extends the customer experience. The Probance One platform lets you launch and analyze your marketing activities, whether online, email, mobile, or interactive TV advertising. Analyze and measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.

The major functions of digital marketing

  • Web advertising, social media, mobile, web, and email marketing
  • Integration of e-commerce connectors
  • Responsive modelling and visualization of mobile campaigns
  • A platform that can generate cross-channel campaigns

The extra features you get with Probance

  • Multichannel, cross-channel
  • View campaigns via a mobile template
  • Generic connectors and easy integration with new channels