Probance One, a complete predictive marketing automation platform

After seven years in the making, the third and latest generation of the Probance One platform marks an important step in the era of marketing automation software, with a complete all-in-one routing, marketing automation management, and analytics solution.

Probance One drives the entire marketing automation cycle
Marketing Automation Platform Probance

With Probance One, all of our clients, regardless of their size or industry, get a router; a tool to design, send out and monitor multichannel campaigns; a complete database management tool (Datamart); a smart data tracking system; and unrivalled analytic functions.

You’ll love using Probance One every day

Intuitivite - logiciel marketing automation

Intuitive and easy to use

The Probance designers sought to give webmarketing managers an intuitive and visually appealing web interface that was easy to use and offered extreme flexibility in managing campaigns.

Data science rather than big data

Consolidating and exploiting databases and implementing complex scenarios is now easier while campaign effectiveness, results and real-time monitoring remain reliable.

Datascience Big Data plateforme marketing
integration plateforme datamining et analytics

Total team autonomy

Say goodbye to the headaches of marketing platform migration, multiple databases and difficult database imports. Just click and upload: Probance One was designed to facilitate data uploading and tag integration to your sources.

Unrivalled predictive functions

The power and intuitive design of the Probance One platform makes predictive combinations possible like you’ve never imagined: buyer behavior combined with a model of product lifetime and brand/product sensitivity, affinity diagram, etc.

Users can manually or automatically select the order of recommended products and items listed in the message by using all data related to the content (publish date, category, price, etc.).

test A B campagnes email marketing predictives
scenarios marketing automation

Probance One makes life easier!

Because we know you want to make the most of the marketing automation features as soon as possible, you’ll surely be interested in our “Best Practices” scenarios for e-commerce, media, retail, and more. Our reminders, triggers and alerts models (shopping cart, new items, etc.) make getting up and running easy and fast.

Hosted or private cloud: it’s up to you

The Probance One platform was entirely designed to have your database installed and exploitable quickly, wherever you want it.

Cloud pour logiciel marketing automation

Get the best results with the edition of Probance One that suits you.

The platform is shared but the functionalities and flexibility in customization may vary between the three Probance One editions.