Probance One Start 490euros

Probance One Start,
The first Marketing Automation Platform
Easy. Powerful. Affordable.

Probance revolutionize the marketing automation world with its new platform Probance One Start:

Aimed to e-commerce businesses and medias that seek to quickly put in place basic best practices for one-to-one marketing. It has never been easier to set up a simple marketing automation tool that is reliable, effective and easy to implement.

Everything is integrated. No long time frames or integration costs. Affordable pricing.

Accompagnement Marketing Automation_1

Feed in your data

flux logiciel marketing automation_Probance

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Select your scenarios

scenarios marketing automation logiciel_Probance

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You’re good to go!

logiciel marketing automation dashboard probance

Tracking, Campaigns, Routing, Prédictive, Datamart, Analytics, Reporting, all included!

Real-time email campaigns

Intuitive interface
for faster R.O.I.

Predefined Retail and e-Commerce scenarios

They are all integrated in the Start Version:

  • Reactivate shopping cart/visit
  • New product alert
  • Price reduction alert
  • Anniversary
  • Cross-sell promotion
  • Welcome pack
  • Inactive promotion

You are a media

We integrated dedicated scenarios for your industry:

  • Reactivate subscription
  • Visits to subscription page
  • Cross-sell promotion
  • Themed newsletters/li>
  • Personalized newsletter depending on navigation and interests

No configuration constraints and costs

Install the analytics tags in order to collect the real-time behavioral data, feed in your product, member and transactional data, and immediately start your campaigns.

Enjoy One-to-One marketing

One unique template performing individualized contents.
Un template unique pour des contenus individualisés. At stake, you gain time and efficiency, and a better chance to seduce your clients.

SME, Brands, Medias or Retail… they use Probance !

Probance One Start is even better in real life!
Why don’t you get a glimpse? We just need a few minutes of your time!