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Since 2012 Probance has helped Europe’s N°1 furniture and home decor etailer to boost sales through email campaigns across 11 countries. Relies on Probance to Manage Complex Multi-Country Email Campaigns that Boost Revenue

Launched in 2006, is France and Europe’s leading online retailer of furniture, home decor and equipment for the home. has been listed on the Paris stock exchange since 2018.


emails sent daily

of total revenue in 2nd quarter
of 2020 due to email campaigns

Ecommerce Site a Winner with Excellent Value and Fast Delivery

While the etailer began by selling sofas online, they have since expanded, and now sell all types of furniture and equipment for the home, from cushions to home spas. They are part of the CAFOM Group, which is specialized in the mass distribution and home improvement sector. prides themselves on offering good value for money on a wide range of products and designs that keep up-to-date with trends in home decor. With strategies including online selling only, delivery direct from factory, weekly flash sales, a money-back guarantee and a choice of delivery options, they have maintained an edge in what is a highly competitive sector. A massive warehouse in the Oise helps them keep stock on hand – no mean feat with over 8,000 products listed on the website – and deliver to customers within 24 hours.

European Expansion Poses Challenges for Marketing Automation

As well as steadily expanding their stock, they have been successfully expanding into other European countries, starting in Spain in 2008, and continuing across Europe to the most recent entries into Portugal and Poland. They’re now selling in 11 countries overall.

Margaux Penfornis,’s CRM Project Manager, explains their current aims. “While ecommerce is performing really well, especially with the lockdown in 2020 due to the pandemic, we’re still looking to increase traffic to the site. Increasing awareness of the brand and boosting the brand image are also current aims.”

But the etailer is challenged by the complexity of its offer. The number and variety of its products, as well as the many different countries it sells in, require an automated marketing solution that can handle complexity, and even make it simple.

Margaux Penfornis
CRM Project Manager,

“We initially chose Probance because, like us, they offer excellent value for money. It’s a powerful, yet flexible tool.”

Email Campaigns Show Persuasive Results for Revenue

Results have been convincing, to say the least. In the 2nd quarter of 2020, 20% of revenue was due to email campaigns. This revenue is 7-day-click attributed, which means that purchases taken off the emails are attributed back to the emails if they happened within 7 days of someone clicking on them.

Personally, Margaux appreciates the statistical reporting that’s part of the Probance tool, like the audience counts, which help her see in advance whether a campaign is worth doing or not. There’s no need to use SQL querying language. “We also appreciate the support, both online and from the team. Any questions are answered right away and emergency issues are dealt with quickly.”

“Probance automated marketing has helped us achieve our revenue targets – emails lead directly to sales. In fact, for an e-commerce site, emails are the main channel for communication, and therefore sales.”

Managing Complexity to Boost Sales has been with Probance since its inception – the contract was signed in June 2012. “We initially chose Probance because, like us, they offer excellent value for money. It’s a powerful, yet flexible tool.” With Probance they got the power and precision of an enterprise solution, but for the same cost as a self-service email solution.

One difference linked to the historical nature of their collaboration is that don’t route emails with Probance; they have their own router that’s connected to the solution. “Probance handles the administration and management of our campaigns, acting as the orchestrator.” Margaux Penfornis is the primary user and campaign designer, but there are also 14 other independent users in different countries.

“Email is our primary loyalty channel. Probance gives us all the ability to adapt campaigns, and tweak them to improve open and click through rates.” sends 300,000 emails a day, with a whopping 66 million emails going out in the second quarter.

Margaux Penfornis designs the newsletter emails herself. Newsletters inform customers about new stock, personalized by design style – from vintage to industrial to Scandinavian – and about special offers and flash sales.

The challenges posed by different currencies and their pricing particularities, for example in Poland and Switzerland, are easily handled by Probance. “We can tailor everything,” says Margaux. “There are really no limits. We can add tables and data feeds with no problems.”

It’s a good thing too, with the number of different scenarios and workflows they have in place. These are mainly post-purchase and post-visit scenarios, based on customer interests, revealed through their browsing or purchase history. For example, after a customer purchases a bed, will up-sell or cross-sell complementary products like bedding, side tables or reading lamps.

In order to reactivate a customer who hasn’t visited the site for a while, also use retargeting emails, based on items customers have previously browsed, for example.


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