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Whether you’re an association, school, medical facility or publisher… No matter your business sector, mass-mailing no longer works in today’s world.

The challenge of your marketing strategy is to personalize communication based on your contacts’ behavior. Adopting a solution that automates your communication is therefore essential to growing your customer relationships and your business.


# Know your customers

Probance One compiles data from your various everyday tools so you can obtain unified customer profiles on which to base your marketing campaigns.


# Automate message personalization

Send content adapted to each customer with predefined scenarios and personalization and targeting rules. The content of your messages will be specific to each recipient, so you can establish a high-quality dialog and retain your contacts’ attention.


# Improve your daily performance

Observe results for your campaigns in real time and view statistics reports. This way, you can keep an eye on your performance and improve your campaigns accordingly. Use our tools, such as the spamscore, e-mail preview tools, A/B tests and the intuitive template editor to help you quickly create your campaigns.