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The main challenge for brands is to make the digital channel a global opportunity for the company

To make the Internet an asset and an ally to stores, there are several strategies: Click and collect, difference between products offered online and in-store, etc. The online customer and the store customer are often one and the same, and personalized communication must be enhanced by these two channels. Digital transformation is a true opportunity for improvement, and renews brand communication.


# Have a global perspective of your customers

The customer becomes active and connects in multiple wazs: they browse, purchase on your site or in-store, make a list of their favorite products, look for information on restocking schedules, etc. Reconciling the two worlds in a single database has become vital for understanding the customer and communicating effectively. Probance One integrates all your customer data, eliminates duplicate information and creates unified profiles that merge their entire history. This way, you can create a more relevant dialog with your customers.


# Communicate about products that interest your contacts

Highlight the products most appropriate to your customers’ purchasing process and areas of interest, captured online and in store. Probance One allows you to automatically add these products to all your communication channels with its smart recommendation engine. This way, you can standardize your customer communications and sustain their interest.


# Grow your brand

Maintain a dialog with all your contacts so they keep your brand in mind by using e-mail and multi-channel scenarios adapted to each of your goals. Long-term communications will grow your brand image.