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The main challenge of media companies is to generate income while adding value to their audience in a highly competitive environment

From digital subscriptions to ads to partner offer promotions, there are several complementary media business models. Communication with your subscribers can also take several forms. Sending them personalized content allows you to develop a connection with your subscribers and capture their attention.


# Personalize mailings for your new items

There are several types of communications. And different areas of interest for readers, too. By logging member browsing patterns, Probance One allows you to send personalized newsletters that highlight the topics of interest for each subscriber. Subject lines of daily or weekly e-mails repeat the name of the most relevant item. Open and click rates increase and your customers enjoy receiving quality content.


# Anticipate customer reminders

Ranging from an alert for credit card expiration to a scenario for highlighting digital subscription, to an end of subscription reminder, there are many opportunities for customer reminders, depending on the business model of each medium. Establishing these reminders is vital for building a real customer relationship and reaching your business goals.


# Save time with automation

If you wait to distribute content, you risk losing your reader base. There is a significant benefit to being the first to distribute the latest information. Digital teams must also be reactive. The need for reactivity, in combination with the many types of communications, creates a need to automate content distribution. Automating alerts, hot info and reminder scenarios is essential.