The case of Megasilvita

“For a business like mine, Probance’s advice has been invaluable”

Megasilvita was seeking a tool that would provide her the ability to communicate with each of her clients while preserving the brand’s proximity

Megasilvita, specializing in the online sale of kitchen and pastry items, stands out for its close  relationship with each of its customers. For a brand requiring a 100% personalized approach to its audience, it was essential to find a tool capable of reflecting this unique proximity. Probance proved to be the perfect solution, allowing Silvia, the CEO of Megasilvita, to automate processes while preserving authenticity. Thus, every email, even if automated, retains the personalized essence that characterizes Megasilvita, giving customers the feeling that Silvia herself is behind each message.


+ 230.000€
Generaded through email
marketing in 2023

of online sales are attributed to the
email channel

Generated through newsletters

The reassurance of knowing that there is always someone understanding and analyzing their project encouraged Megasilvita to innovate in its marketing strategy

“For a business like mine, Probance’s advice has been invaluable. Every question or concern I’ve had has found a solution, providing me with the necessary reassurance. I greatly appreciate the proximity and constant concern for my success, something that has been lacking with other platforms. While I’m aware that Probance has many clients, what stands out the most is the closeness and attention with which they handle my project. The advice they’ve given me has helped me take informed risks, provide recommendations and, most importantly, have confidence.”


Silvia Acedo
CEO of Megasilvita

“Megasilvita is a small business, and personal contact is crucial. Probance allows me to communicate in a much closer and more personalized way with my clients. I need my time to focus on my business, not to constantly worry about email marketing.”

Time optimization with Probance : Work with an efficient tool

Thanks to Probance, Silvia now has a greater ability to save time for other important tasks in her business. She uses a tool with preconfigured key automations, simplifying processes. This enables her to send personalized messages at crucial moments without the need for direct intervention. Moreover, in case of doubts, the account manager responds immediately, providing personalized support for her project and resolving all her queries.

Advanced segmentation : Communicating each customer’s unique character for our brand

Segmentation is crucial for maximizing the relevance and impact of messages while enabling the personalization and targeting of specific groups. In this regard, Megasilvita was aware that the segmentation is a key factor in strengthening the connection with its customers and was looking for a tool that would take its communications to the next level.

Probance’s advanced segmentation allows the audience to be divided into segments while conducting segmentations based on specific behaviors. This approach is fundamental for Megasilvita, as it provides them with the opportunity to convey each customer’s unique character and importance to
the brand.

Silvia discovered with Probance the ability to set up automations based on purchase patterns and behaviors in a straightforward manner, all while feeling she receives tailored advice for her project. This has helped her enhance the personalization of interactions and ensure that messages are more relevant and engaging for each segment of her audience.

“By analyzing the behavior patterns of my customers, I can address them in a more personalized  manner, creating a connection that they clearly perceive. And this certainty stems from how we have implemented all the automations through Probance.”

By incorporating personalized automations into their newsletters, Megasilvita has achieved exceptional performance

Silvia used to send newsletters continuously, but when she decided to take her email marketing strategy to the next level, she wanted to integrate effective automation while always maintaining that personal touch. With Probance, she found what she was looking for : a turnkey project with 11 ready-to-use automations and support available whenever she needed it. “Regardless of the sales, which are on track, we convey a sense of professionalism. And I really like that.”

While Silvia’s newsletters remained unchanged, the addition of all the scenario automations was remarkable. Probance helped her categorize her clients so that she could select who received each type
of content, yielding results that met her expectations.

Moreover, she finds the tool to be very user-friendly and highlights the diversity of blocks she can integrate into her emails, such as mosaics, countdowns, personalized offers, etc… These blocks are  highly useful and enhance the effectiveness of her emails.



The benefits for Megasilvita



Achieving 100% personalized communcation with customers without manual effort.


Consultations and advisory services

Personalized advice, new ideas, support, and training to elevate the project to the next level.


Advanced segmentation

Adapting the message based on the specific characteristics and needs for each client.

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