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The case of Shopping In Ibiza

“More than half of the ideas arise from anFor a business like mine, Probance’s advice has been invaluable improvement proposal made by Probance”

Shopping in Ibiza needed a tool that would allow for hyper-personalization and, additionally provide the opportunity of connecting its physical store and online shop.

With two physical stores in Ibiza, the La Sirena y Art group has been serving residents of the island as well as the thousands of tourists who visit for over 50 years. Building on their success in Ibiza, they decided to expand their horizons by launching the online store “Shopping in Ibiza”. For the past two years, they have been paying special attention to their customers, considering them first and foremost as individuals.


+ 570.000€
Generated by Probance in 2023

Increase in online revenue

of recovered abandoned carts

Customizing communications: a crucial aspect for standing out.

Iván Martínez holds the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Shopping in Ibiza and is a member of the management committee. He oversees the coordination of the entire technology team, both in systems management and development, while also managing the digital marketing department.

They began collaborating with Probance while searching for solutions to recover abandoned carts. “We realized we had a sizable customer database with individuals who initiated the purchase but didn’t follow through. At the juncture, as we explored alternatives, Probance reached out to us, and everything fell into place seamlessly. They introduced us to the array of available automations and highlighted a strategic aspect for our business that we hadn’t initially considered: the ability to capitalize on trends observed in our physical store, aligning them with those from the online store to provide even more personalized offers to customers.


Iván Martínez
CTO of Shopping in Ibiza

“Probance suggests content that interests the customer, providing us with clear and
measurable feedback. We save a significant amount of time in email design while effortlessly delivering personalized content.”

One tool to manage both the physical store and the online shop.

Communicating with customers from the physical store through email marketing has had an exceptional impact on Shopping in Ibiza. With a database surpassing 40 000 customers, the company faced a significant challenge: synchronizing and unifying its digital communications with customers from the physical establishments.

The physical stores accounted for 98.5% of their revenue. By leveraging the data collected during transactions in the physical store, Shopping in Ibiza successfully integrated its online and offline operations synergistically. This strategic fusion had a positive impact by providing an in-depth understanding of customer behavior and enabling the implementation of more personalized offers.

The highest level of personalization thanks to AI

Iván and his team used a tool to manually segment their database, requiring them to create a unique email for each audience. This process involved thinking, drafting, and selecting specific products for each group.

With the introduction of Probance, their approach has undergone a drastic change. Instead of creating personalized emails for each segment, they now use a single template and let the tool handle customization. Probance analyzes users’ tastes, backgrounds, and behavioral patterns, automatically adapting the email content to provide a more personalized experience for each recipient. This shift has significantly simplified and optimized the communication process, allowing the team to focus more on the overall strategy and enhance interaction with their customers.


Much more than an email marketing tool: a global partner

Probance provides Shopping in Ibiza with a customized solution that goes far beyond a simple tool, allowing them to save time while benefiting from proactive and attentive customer service.

Key elements include:

  • A database with various flows consolidating information about customers both in-store and online, the product catalog, and the type and volume of orders.


  • Implementation of over 10 different automations covering various needs based on the stage of
    purchase. These include, in addition to the well-known abandoned cart, post-visit follow-up, or
    discount alert.


  • The ability to carry out regular automated newsletter strategies, offering 100% personalized content based on the interests and purchases made by the customer.


  • Always available and responsive customer service.

The Customer Success follow-up: flawless attention

“Having a dedicated person for account follow-up is a real blessing.

Meetings are scheduled to provide enough time to observe changes in various automated flows. Moreover, they allow for identifying which strategies and actions work well and which ones do not, in order to make effective decisions regarding modifications.

Having an account manager responsible for this follow-up is crucial because it is an extremely proactive profile. In other words, they not only respond to our needs but also identify areas for improvement by reviewing the campaigns. More than half of the ideas do not arise from a direct need but from improvement proposals by Probance, and this is something we greatly value.

Furthermore, in the event of a specific issue, whether through email or during an extraordinary meeting, we have addressed and resolved it. In this regard, the follow-up from our Customer Success representative is impeccable.”



The advantages for Shopping in Ibiza


A high-performance platform

Analysis of behaviors, advanced segmentation, automated workflows, scheduled sending… all in a single platform.


Optimization of the strategy

Integration of data from physical stores and the online shop allows for synchronization and detailed personalization. This enhances the ability to deliver messages aligned with customer needs.


Specialized support

Exceptional follow-up thanks to a fully personalized approach, efficiency in problem-solving, and continuous proactive attention.

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