The case of Txirula

“Probance gives us the ability to fine-tune our strategies in detail and allow us to make them more impactful and personalized.”

The move to Probance marked a strategic shift, enabling the adoption of a more sophisticated approach to email marketing campaigns.

Established in 1979, Txirula Musik has played a pivotal role in the music industry. Over the years, the company has undergone dynamic transformations, adeptly adjusting to the ever-changing market demands. Presently, Txirula boasts an extensive inventory of over 8 000 items and 12 000 references, backed by a team of 10 individuals, all of whom are musicians, adding a unique value to their services.

When the company decided to collaborate with Probance, it was at a crucial stage in its development: the strategic boost of the online channel was essential for ensuring its continued growth.


+ 550.000€
Generated by automations in 2023

of automation-generated revenues come from abandoned carts.

of its online revenue come from email marketing

A paradigm shift in communication :
personalizing every email without investing time and effort

Until a year and a half ago, Txirula implemented its email marketing strategies using other tools, sending occasional emails to its entire database. However, this methodology had limitations as it did not allow for process automation. They decided to shift their approach and started collaborating with Probance.

Since the implementation of Probance, Txirula has undergone a significant change. Now, they can automate email sending while maintaining in-depth personalization in their communications. Automated flows allow them to send messages automatically at strategic moments, capitalizing on opportunities where the probability of conversion is higher.

This more advanced approach maximizes conversion opportunities and significantly improves the user experience by providing relevant and timely communications.

The collaboration with Probance has proven to be a positive change in Txirula’s marketing strategy, enabling them to adapt more agilely and effectively to market dynamics.


MIkel Moisen
Partner and Director of Txirula

“From an analytical perspective, we are very satisfied. Probance gives us the ability to fine-tune our strategies in detail and allow us to make them more impactful and personalized.”

An omnichannel strategy : SMS as a great ally

Txirula incorporated an SMS campaign into its strategy, yielding surprising results.

With just one SMS per contact, the campaign was a success in terms of revenue. The response rate was exceptional, connecting directly and effectively with the store’s community.

This strategy not only exceeded expectations but also demonstrated the high effectiveness of SMS marketing.

Key data from the campaign :

  • + 11.500 SMS sent
  • Open rate of 88,94%
  • Over 28 000€ generated via SMS

SMS campaigns have proven to be a highly effective strategy fo businesses that choose to implement them.

Data analysis : the key to improvement

When asked to highlight Probance’s strengths, Mikel explains that he is very satisfied from an analytical perspective. He can fine-tune his strategies in detail. At a time when standing out in the inbox is crucial, the use of reports and analysis has allowed Txirula to more accurately evaluate the performance of its campaigns, identify the aspects that have the most impact on visits, and adjust strategies accordingly.

In addition to the time saved with automations, this allows them to implement more sophisticated email marketing strategies. The ability to automate processes has not only speed up their operations but also freed up time to focus on other aspects of communication.

Having an account manager at your service is of great strategic importance

Beyond its intuitive interface, the true value of Probance is evident in the collaboration with your account manager. The importance of having a dedicated professional is reflected in regular meetings, where not only questions are addressed but also strategic improvement suggestions.

Probance thus becomes a strategic partner for its clients. During meetings, Mikel not only resolves operational questions but also maximizes the use of the tool, discovers new features, and explores more effective approaches. The constant presence of the account manager has become essential for the effective implementation of the tool and the ongoing evolution of Txirula’s strategies.


The benefits for Txirula


In-depth analysis and detailed reports

Thanks to behavior analysis and reports, it is possible to respond quickly to market changes.


Better time management

Automations and simplicity in newsletter creation have significantly improved work efficiency.


Omnichannel strategy

Improves interaction, optimizes adaptability, and ensures a continuous and effective connection with the audience at every touchpoint.

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